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What is the MIG metal inert gas welding ?


MIG(Metal Inertia Gas ), it use the ammonia or argon-rich gas as a protective medium, continuous feed can be melted in the arc welding wire and workpiece combustion as a heat source for electric arc welding. The welding quality of this method is stable and reliable, suitable for welding non-ferrous metal plate aluminum, copper, titanium and its alloys, but also for welding stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and low alloy steel.etc. Due to the large current-carrying capacity of the wire, welding production rate is high. MIG welding arc is visible arc, the parameters during welding process is stable and easy to detect and control.


MIG belong to gas metal-arc welding, compared with CO2 gas shielded arc welding, it has the following advantages: MIG welding is inert gas or argon-rich gas shielded arc welding method, but CO2 arc welding has a strong oxidizing. This determines the difference and features between them. The main advantages of MIG welding are as follows:Under an argon or argon-rich gas shielded the arc welding is stable.As MIG welding droplet transfer uniform and stable, so weld appearance uniform and perfect.arc oxidizing atmosphere is very weak, even non-oxidizing, MIG welding, not only can weld carbon steel, high alloy steel, but also weld many lively metals and their alloys such as: aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium and magnesium alloys .greatly improve the welding process and the welding efficiency. but:① MIG welding is more complex than SMAW welding equipment, higher prices, also  the use of non-portable and non-flexible.②The MIG welding torch is large, welding cable is relatively stiff, inflexible, therefore not suitable for welding sealed cabin structure.③ The MIG welding torch size is large, and length of wire out of 12 ~ 25mm, uneasy to observe the welding arc to get high quality weld.④ When using MIG welding outdoor, often limited by weather or protective measures. In order to avoid the explosion by protection gas during welding, we should take protective measures to protect gas cylinders. When the speed of outdoor wind is beyond 2.2 m / s, MIG welding is not the suitable welding method.