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What is Arc Welding?

SMAW(shielded metal arc welding) is the most widely welding method used in industrial production. Its principle is using the heat generated by the arc discharge (commonly known as arc combustion), melting of the electrode and the components to each other. And weld gap after condensation, thereby obtaining a strong  joint welding process. Supply by a welding power, resulting in a strong and long-lasting gas discharge phenomenon between the components and the electrode poles - called Arc welding.


SMAW is working by manually operated the welding rod.It can be flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding and overhead welding and other multi-position welding. What’s more,the SMAW equipment is light and portable, move flexiblely.So that the SMAW can doing the welding work at any place. Suitable for various kinds of metal material ,thickness and shapes’ welding work. Security Features of the SMAW: the no-load voltage of the SMAW is generally from 50V to 90V.But the safe voltage of human body is 30V-45V.Thus,SMAW welding equipment, would caused life-threatening, when welding. We should wear good protective clothing.


Arc welding can be divided into manual arc welding, semiautomatic (Arc) welding, automatic (Arc) welding. Automatic welding usually refers to the submerged arc welding- In welding parts coated with protective layer. light wire made by the filler metal inserted into the solder layer,with the welding metal the arc generated.The arc buried in the solder layer, the heat generated by the arc melting wire, flux and base metal forming the weld. The welding process is automated performed. The most commonly used are manual arc welding.