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What is and how does plasma cutting work ?

The plasma is heated gas to a high temperature, the kinetic energy of the molecules or atoms is increased, resulting in violent clashes between the particles, electrons within the atoms are stripped, positively charged ions and natively charged electrons are mixed together,and therefore the overall charge offset to performance the eletric neutral state.The above plasma state will appear at the standard atmospheric pressure the gas is heated to over temperatures of 5000~7000 degree.

The plasma cutting is cutting method to use the thermal doing cutting work by arc discharge between the cutting material and the electorde inside the torch.The thermal of the arc discharge heated the gas to high temperature plasma,from the cutting nozzle spout high velocity plasma melt the cutting material.Plasma cutting work with different gas can cut a variety of metal which is difficult to oxygen cutting. especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) Cutting better;its main advantage is when cutting the little thickness metal the cutting speed is fast,especially cutting the common carbon steel sheet,the speed is up to 5~6 times of the oxgyen cutting method.The cutting surface is smooth,almost no heat distortion and no heat affected zone.