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What Does CNC Mean? and what is the difference between CNC and PLC ?



What we are saying here is the concept of the CNC system,instead of CNC cutting machine.First look at its full name,CNC:Computer numerical control.So usually we say the CNC means the CNC control systems.It is to provide users with interactive interface, functional unit to achieve position control.That is, the structure shown in FIG.It content three parts: MMI(Man Machine Interface) NCK( Numerical Control Kernel) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).NCK is the main unit of the CNC, G code parsing .Toachieve the running of interpolation algorithm, all are completed in the NCK. PLC:Programmable Logic Controller.The effect of the PLC in the CNC. It is the mainly to control the torch lift and valve switch of the CNC cutting machine. The place spindle speed of the servo control cannot reach, to play a supporting role. In fact, the PLC itself just like a computer, also can achieve the motion control function. But during the CNC cutting machine NCK and serve motor completed the motion control well, so in general PLC don’t involve in the motion control.