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Service Promise:
  • 1.Our Company strictly abides by the provisions of the relevant national laws and regulations, promises to pursue the indicators of provisions as the most basic requirements and provides users with services equal or higher than the standards.
  • 2.Our Company handles formalities of return, renewal and repair towards poor properties of our products in accordance with national “three guarantees” regulations.
  • 3.Within five years after production stoppage, our Company continues to provide parts and components meeting the technical requirements.
Service warranty:
Customer Service Center conducts end-user telephone counseling, warranty and complaints during 8:30-18:00 every day.
We guarantee to repair the products returned to factory within 3 days, arrange quality inspectors to test the products and deliver the qualified products.
Technical Service Center and special maintenance stations nationwide provide users with maintenance and consultation services to guarantee the use.
All the special maintenance stations nationwide have a warehouse with spare parts in common use, which greatly guarantees the supply of spare parts.
Notes: The Company does not provide free warranty service for any case as follows. 
  • 1.Not within the scope of the free warranty period.
  • 2.Cannot provide product warranty card.
  • 3.Altered warranty card and purchase invoice.
  • 4.Counterfeit or forge the Company's products.
  • 5.Indoor and external machine code numbers in the warranty card are inconsistent with the bar code of product being repaired.
  • 6.Damage owing to installation, movement and maintenance not by our Company.
  • 7.Stoppage owing to abnormal power supply, lightning stroke, natural disasters or improper use and maintenance.
  • 8.Cannot provide purchase invoice or effective purchase certificate.
2. Not within the scope of free warranty period
  • 1.Beyond the scope of free warranty period, repair costs shall be borne by the user.
  • 2.Costs beyond the scope of free warranty period are charged from the user based on the grading standards from local price bureau and repair shops.
  • 3.Charging items consist of visit fee, repair fee, remote distance fee, complementary material fee, spare parts fee, etc.