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The production and processing methods about beveling machine for pressure pipe making.(2)

Preparation groove construction: 1 device performance CHP-21 G Series Spain Greece SA automatic Walking groove machine, there are positive and negative, positive beveling machine (CHP a 21G) groove machining positive, anti-beveling machine (CHP a 21GVI) machining the back groove (no need to flip the sheet metal processing). Slope angle of 200 to 45. Stepless adjustable bevel per minute length 1.7m, an automatic processing line down the slope width of 9mm, motor power 2.94kW, voltage 380V, can process sheet metal thickness in the range of 9mm ~ 50mm. Special cutter for common carbon steel, alloy steel, high strength steel, stainless steel and other materials. 2 processing methods. Workpiece plate should be placed on a height of 80cm from the ground around the platform, smooth floors, a special steel plate, adjust the height of the machine travels, the machine travels in the processing of car spring in a relaxed state, easy to walk smoothly. A process according to card processing sheet sentinel loft numbered labels, grinder grind repair plasma flame cutting left horn projecting defect. Projecting sheet edge defects easy to make beveling machine stops working the way travel. Sheet metal processing (such as sheet material for the Q345, a thickness of 24mm, both positive and negative slope angle 30., in the form of a groove 14ram, outside 8mm, blunt edge of 2ram). Loosen the eight screws on both sides of the beveling machine, adjust the angle pointer 300 and tighten the bolts. The first adjustment processing tugboat aligned side tick signs indicating 22 (first processing sheet thickness smaller than ticks 2mm), the first machining depth 8ram; second processing on the basis of the first processing on at least 3 scale, the scale indicates 19 standard cards, processing depth is 3mm; the third time in the first machining process on the basis of less then 2 mark, indicated as 16 standard cards, processing depth of 3mm. Three times the total depth of processing within the groove 14mm. After the front groove processing is completed, the processing method of the same anti-bevel, angle adjustment 300, adjust the side tugs side tick signs indicating the alignment of 22, the amount of processing time traveling depth 8ram. When beveling machine downtime, first turn off the power switch, unplug it, pushed off the work area, clear the iron, after wiping the machine with a normalized provisioning. Then, wearing protective glasses on Slope polished, polished smooth, no slag, cracks, corrosion and then hair brush on zinc-rich primer to prevent rusting.


Use automatic Walking groove machine pressure vessels slope, no vibration, no heat, no fumes, no dust; using standard carbide inserts clean burr free edge; adjustable cutting depth, variable angle of 150 to 45. More efficient than gas cutting groove, does not change the structure of the metal phase, can improve production efficiency. It is a large-scale production of pressure vessels better approach. Beveling machine penstock slope for processing, can better ensure the quality of the welding process, it can be used in more large-scale production and processing of the pressure vessel.