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The difference of Milling Machine and Bevelling machine

what is and how does a beveling machine work ?


Beveling machine is a dedicated tool chamfered groove for pipes or flat in front of welding end face, solved the problem that flame cutting, grinder grinding casued,angle is not standardized, the slope is rough, large work noise and other shortcomings, has advantage of operation simple, standard angle, surface smoothness and so on. From processing materials features are divided:two catalogues of pipe beveling machine and flat beveling machine. The pipe beveling machine, from the drive power is divided: electric pipe beveling machine, pneumatic pipe beveling machine. From the fixed points are divided: End Prep Beveling machine, Split Frame beveling machine.The plate beveling machine divided to portable tablet beveling machine, automatic walking plate groove machine, beveling machine fixed flat.

What is plate milling mchine?

Milling Machine is a kind of steel plate beveling chamfering device with milling principle, milling. Including power output, milling cutter, milling machine molding blade clamping plate section, steel milling platform. Milling machine is mainly used for the workpiece,which has high requirements of the finish surface.Such as: aerospace, one, two types of pressure vessel manufacture, the outer surface of the groove-generation plants and other industries. The bevelling detection can be detected by X ray, after processed by milling machine.


The difference of Milling Machine and Bevelling machine。

Relative to the steel plate beveling machine, milling machine processing efficiency is low, but during the beveling process that slope is greater than 30mm in width,the processing speed of milling machines is faster than beveling machines.The beveling finish of the steel plate prcoessed by milling machine can be reach to 3.2~6.3. The surfuce can be directly paint after processed,the finished products can be delivery directly.