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The applications of CNC pipeline intersection cutting machine for different pipe sharp cut.

1. simplify cutting machine

CNC pipeline intersection Cutting Machine is to use digital program-driven movement, with the movement of the machine, with a random distribution of the cutting tool to cut the pipe. CNC pipeline intersection Cutting including machinery, energy and media supply electrical, instrumentation and control, as a system supporting electromechanical integration equipment, pipeline processing center in order to solve the cutting and assembly pipeline, improve the production quality of the tube, the pipe by processing equipment.


After decades of development, cutting energy from a single energy flame cutting for the current development of a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, water jet) cutting methods; the most commonly used CNC intersection Cutting and CNC flame plasma intersection Cutting. Flame cutting steel having a large thickness cutting capacity, lower cost cutting; but there are cutting deformation, cutting accuracy is not high, and low cutting speed, cutting warm-up time, wear larvae L long time, difficult to adapt fully automated operation need. Its main application is limited to steel, thick sheet metal cutting, in the thin steel plate cutting on plasma cutting will be gradually replaced. Plasma cutting with a cutting width of the field, all metal pipe can be cut, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speeds up to 10 m / rain or more. Using plasma cutting is the cutting quality close to the level of laser cutting, now with the high-power plasma cutting technology matures, cutting thickness exceeds i00 mm, widening the intersection Cutting CNC plasma cutting machine range.

2. Data input and output

After procuring and installing equipment in place, first came with the device installed by a technician operating on the computer, before proceeding with the production of the relevant data entry procedures pre-installed, programmed procedure is as follows: Select Select the cutting part way _ _ Select the connection type manifold branch pipe end cutting azimuth data output _ _ See a three-dimensional renderings fill in the relevant data. After cutting data compilation is completed, the data is output to the field U disk copy cutting equipment, CNC cutting jobs. Each export data into two groups, a group in charge of cutting data, the other group is a branched tube cutting data, cutting each choose a different cutting procedure can be completed related to cutting jobs. In this study, plasma cutting operation. With material for Q235B, 0219 mm x 6 mm welded steel pipe, for example, according to the experimental data Record: manually opening the way to a saddle cutting operation from the scribe, staked to finalize cutting, correction, at least 10 min or more time; and the use of CNC cutting machine of a similar crossing, programming time is 110 S, data copying 78 S, intersecting line cutting time 58 S, a total of 246 S, and the programming can be done once a continuous cutting operation the same pipe. It can be seen, the use of CNC pipe cutting equipment greatly improves cutting efficiency. CNC cutting machine weld size after cutting precision can be reached 0.001 mm (GB General requirements 0.1 mm, high standard abroad 100 times). Cut only once finished molding and forming beautiful, no grinding, eliminating the need for subsequent manual polishing process, but also reduce the generation of errors. CNC cutting machine operation is very simple, just cut the art will programmed to copy data to the cutting device by a fire welder who can complete a subsequent cutting operation.


3. Conclusion

Pipeline intersection Cutting with a wide range of cutting, cutting speed, and high efficiency. The future development of mobile devices that flexibility, reduce the volume of equipment to enhance its ease of disassembly, to adapt to a variety of environmental and construction work sites.