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The application Of CNC pipe tube intersection cutting machine for ocean platform building

Since 2012, Beijing Essen leg section up drilling platforms to support the weight of the entire platform, not only for high strength materials, and there are plenty of bracing pipe structure is designed to increase the strength and stability of the leg portion, meet design requirements, as shown above. The diameter of only 520mm, thickness 25mm, 28mm, 50mm on the main chord, a lot of clouds φ 114 ~ φ 273mm, thickness ranging bracing tube, multi-node in the local area, weld-intensive, and the need for welding single-sided welding double-sided molding, which groove for precise and efficient machining forth requirements. Steel pipe and steel cross at an angle in space a space curve (ie, intersecting lines) is more difficult beveling, traditional manual processing methods not only inefficient, but also very difficult to guarantee product quality and processing, affecting the quality of welding of the workpiece and back space geometry. To this end, the company introduced XG-630 CNC pipe tube intersection cutting machine Shanghai Welding and Cutting Machinery Co., Ltd. of intersection Cutting Machine, not only improve work efficiency, and ensure that the intersecting line beveling quality.

1. Introduction equipment and performance parameters

(1) hardware device

XG-630 NC intersection Cutting machine by the power rotary head, cutting head and the control system and mobile racks and other components. By moving the rack so that the running rail and the rail bracket to maintain a balance, and thus increase the precision cutting machine. Power rotary head is rotated by the workpiece chuck. Cutting head with a cutting tip, and is equipped with automatic ignition device for cutting pipe, it can axial and radial movement. Through the above control system axis coordinated motion, and ultimately the steel tubular wire cutting.


(2) System Software

Intersecting Line nesting programming software is required to provide supporting software Warwick Welding, mainly for the intersecting line pipe pieces programming, nesting, generating CNC cutting instruction, drives the cutting machine work. Its core is the graphics processing is based on AutoCAD2008 application software, with the most intuitive graphical programming and to solve nesting problems. Data collection and processing and database integration, so that all relevant information can be shared in an environment, making the system more reliable, more powerful and more convenient to use. System software and CAD drawing library module inputs combined to ensure the breadth of the work program and the structure of intersecting lines processing, nesting convenience.


(3) The main performance parameters

Cutting steel specifications for φ 50 ~ φ 1 000mm, pipe cutting length up to 15m, according to the thickness of the cutting cutting nozzle size, different gas pressure is 6 ~ 50mm, cutting speed of 100 ~ 4 000mm / min, basically meet the company's production demand.


2. On-site production applications

By the technical department in accordance with the need to develop cutting instruction, the next issue under workshop materials team, the workshop cutting machine operator instruction input control system. And according to the tube thickness selection cutting nozzle size, adjust the gas pressure of work to get the desired flame. Device everything is normal, to cut the pipe hanging bracket on the cutting machine, the tube is machined with chuck intensify, location. Then moved to the cutting nozzle cutting point ready cut.