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Technical Actualities and Developmental Direction of Pipe Beveling Machine

Our country is a maritime country, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea, South China Sea coastline of over 18,000 kilometers long belongs, have territorial waters and the waters under the jurisdiction of more than 300 square kilometers. Marine resources is one of the focus of international competition in recent years, each country is an important strategic objective. The 21st century is the century of human march to the sea. To carry out offshore oil development, marine scientific research, seabed mineral exploration and development, pipeline, cable laying, etc. and check, undersea salvage rescue and military applications, the urgent need for further development of underwater technology. Underwater Technology, China is a late start, but in recent years rapidly developing field. Although currently underwater science and technology has made some achievements, but also need to further develop a diversified science and technology to make marine operations more convenient and faster. Underwater engineering technology which is needed to develop as soon as possible a poly science and technology. Underwater engineering technology usually refers to the exploration of oil and gas marine engineering and other surrounding seabed mineral resources, mining engineering salvage and rescue equipment needed, facility design, construction and construction technology and operation technology. Since the 1960s, the rapid development of underwater engineering technology. During the 1960s and 1970s, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Norway and other major maritime countries in the world, have established a number of marine research and development institutions, such as the Japan Marine Technology Center (JAMSTEC), the French National Centre of Ocean Development (CNEXO ), the Norwegian underwater technology Centre (NUC), greatly promoted the development of ocean processes and marine technology research. Moreover, national engineering companies and offshore diving companies have also developed underwater science and technology research and underwater facilities, including the United States, Britain, France and some other companies and so has a strong strength in technical diving, ROV technology underwater work tool technology, underwater welding technology and equipment, underwater detection technology and testing equipment in a leading position. Subsea oil and gas pipeline systems maintenance work is a part of the underwater engineering and technology, the main task of the maintenance work was developed under a single marine environment can double submarine pipeline hoisting, cutting, to the epidermis, beveling, mouth, cleaning equipment and other job and be able to quickly repair the submarine pipeline. Here in the development of equipment maintenance operations before beveling machine detail.


Research Overview 1. beveling machineIn the pipeline or pipe joint repair process, the need for pipe cutting / beveling operations for welding. Cutting / beveling machine for access pipeline repair process indispensable professional equipment, the technology it involves the sale of products in foreign countries have formed. Our products mostly imitation of foreign manufacture. Foreign representative beveling machine products are the following.


1.1 Flame cutting / beveling machineH & M's US production of two flame cutting / beveling machine: steel flame cutting and beveling machine aluminum body, light weight, suitable for field pipe cutting, beveling machine stainless steel flange guide rail A rail applicable to a variety of diameters (strip through lap, adjustable diameter), moving steady and accurate, good cut line position. Bevel angle adjustable. L5m with electric remote control, adjustable speed, reversing control, well adapted to offshore platform jacket cutting and pipe cutting. Product is suitable for the 250 ~ 2400mm diameter pipeline. Saddle ring gear-type flame cutting / beveling machine for efficient cutting workshop, and can be extended to bevel cutter. Aluminum body, light weight, high precision assembly, the saddle and the ring gear coaxial reaches 1 0. 64mm, vertical end surface reaches 1 0. 38mm. Electric type with l5m long remote control cable, adjustable speed and reversing. A model applicable to four kinds of adjacent diameter. Bevel angle adjustable. With dual cutting the frame can be simultaneously cut out bilateral bevel. Hotels roundness by round, round pipe can be adapted without cutting. Products for a diameter of 50 ~ l200mm pipeline.


l. 2 pipe end beveling machineItaly GBC produced within the pneumatic split frame pipe beveling machine and pipe end beveling lathe. Within the cassette pipe beveling machine has two models suitable for small diameter pipe chamfering. It consists of pneumatically operated, explosion-proof, suitable for petrochemical refinery pipeline maintenance. Beveling machine work through the super self-locking mandrel card in the card inside the pipe, non-skid, no tremor, bend deformation. Outside the cassette pipe beveling machine have many models, multi-tool turning way for small diameter pipes. The inner diameter of the pipe end beveling lathe chuck, portable, especially suitable for thick-walled tube end processing.


l. 3 Automatic flexible pipe cutting machineJapan Itabashi flexible shaft automatic cutting machine structure is rather special, the nose does not have any power motors, power transmission cable from the flexible shaft torque. You can cut the pipeline, grooving and other operations. For cast iron pipes, cement pipes, steel pipes, asbestos pipes and plastic tubes. Fast, safe operation, but also operating in the water. Maximum cutting thickness up to 60mm.


l. 4 climb tubular pipe cutting / beveling machineUS EH WACHS crawl tube cutting / beveling machine is a portable milling machine, it will be fixed to the body by a chain to the pipe, so that the body with the drive sprocket rotating cutter knife and groove along the chain crawling week to complete the pipeline cutting and beveling. It is driven by hydraulic pressure, the pipe can be horizontal or vertical operation, it can also work in the trenches and l80m deep water. It can be performed on pressurized pipelines or tanks cold cutting and beveling, high precision, safety explosion-proof, particularly suitable for harsh environments (sand, mud, underwater) work for offshore drilling, pipelay and various water installation works.

2 beveling machine design ideas and outlook Development of offshore oil and gas resources is an important part of ocean development, which damaged undersea oil and gas pipelines and the maintenance is to ensure the smooth transportation of oil and gas exploitation of the seabed, the need to ensure prevention of marine pollution. Our country in the North Sea, South China Sea and East China Sea and other waters of the offshore oil and gas development, subsea oil and gas pipelines are generally single-pipe and double-pipe two kinds of single-pipe outside the main structure is covered with a single layer of steel reinforced concrete, double tube main the structure is in the middle of two layers of steel added insulation. North Sea, South China Sea and East China Sea oil and gas subsea pipeline has been nearly 20 years, many in danger of broken pipes.


At present, China's oil and gas pipelines are damaged submarine hire foreign professional company for maintenance, mostly American companies, each repair need to spend several hundred million yuan, the price is expensive. Over time, now damaged undersea oil and gas pipelines will be increasingly high rate of work, the number of times each year in need of repair will continue to increase, and therefore an urgent need to subsea oil and gas pipeline systems maintenance operations domestically. For subsea pipeline repair system we hope to establish a series of reliable performance, small size, high degree of automation of work tools for pipeline maintenance. This not only enables the level of science and technology in related fields is improved by foreign companies to avoid restrictions on confidential technology, improve the efficiency of repair undersea oil and gas pipelines, while making annual maintenance cost of undersea oil and gas pipelines greatly reduced. Shorten the gap between China and developed countries in this field of technology, while also enhance China's international status and competitiveness in maritime development. From the current development status of foreign point of view, climbing pipe beveling machine is not only able to work underwater, can work in a dry environment, and can accommodate a large range diameter pipe cutting / beveling operations. But the groove machine belongs to semi-automatic, for different materials, different properties of materials used in the cutting speed should be how much, you need to rely on manual adjustment based on experience for the site. In case of poor visibility, sea conditions, the job will be very difficult; and our marine environment is more complex, the groove machine still need further improvement. Our scientists should be on the basis of foreign beveling machine's advanced technology research, for different materials, from cutting, cutting accuracy, reliability and other factors set out in-depth research, the use of advanced control methods, design your own automation climbing pipe beveling machine for our underwater engineering and technology contribute to the development.