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Submerged Arc Welding Machine for Inner Ring Welding of Boiler

1. Furnace Simplified body, ring weld submerged arc welding machine composition

Machine mainly by the welding car, solder tray, electric control box, wire tray, welding power supply and cylinder transfer tire composed of six parts. The working principle of submerged arc automatic welding machine for inner ring welding of boiler is shown in Fig.1. Welding car is the core part of the welding power supply, simplified tire and wire to send conventional equipment.


2. The role, composition and working principle of important components of the heart

2.1 welding carriage

Welding car is the executive body of the machine, welding operation is the most important part. 1, it is mainly composed of a body 6, a wire feeder 12, a welding torch 2, a torch adjusting mechanism 13, a solder hopper 11, a weld tracker 7, a device 8, a device 9, a soldering operation box 10 and the like. The car body 6 adopts four-wheel dual drive mode, one electric motor drives, the four wheel rim outer contour cylindrical surface has the ruled knurling, guarantees the driving does not slip, and has 900V type ring groove, causes the welding trolley to be flat Welding can be walking along the V-shaped track. The flux hopper 11 and the wire feeder 12 are mounted on the level adjustment portion of the torch adjusting mechanism 13, which is mounted on the wire feeder 12 and is moved in accordance with the vertical or horizontal adjustment of the torch adjusting mechanism 13. As shown in Fig. The flux hopper 11 itself is provided with a discharge valve and a delivery pipe. The fixture 9 is responsible for the vertical positioning and clamping of the weld tracker 7.  Which is mounted on the end of the horizontal adjustment device 8 close to the weld and the horizontal adjustment device is fixed at the front end of the vehicle body. The welding car moves from the manhole to the cylinder body 4, and the nozzle of the welding torch 2 is placed vertically above the welding line, and the welding car is placed at the lowest point of the cylinder 4 parallel to the weld. Welding operation box 10 is also placed in the welding car, wire feeding wire 15, the welding line 19, the electric line 16 from the central section of the head section of the welding trolley connected to the corresponding position, welding ground 20 And simplified 4 connected. The insulating cover 14 is provided for preventing a short circuit.

2.2 Weld tracker

Weld tracker is to ensure the quality of welding a key component, relying on it for the mandatory guidance of walking car welding, so as to ensure the welding torch always does not deviate from the weld. It consists of two guide wheels, a wheel frame, a set of linear motion elastic telescopic body composition, structure shown in Figure 2. The weld tracker 7 is connected to a horizontal adjustment device 8 mounted at the front end of the welding carriage by means of a vertical adjustment jig 9. The vertical track- The two trackwheels of the seam tracker ride in the weld and are guided by the weld and, under elastic pressure, the two wheels always roll along the weld. The mechanical force forces the welding carriage to follow its weld Stitch to keep equidistant walking.

2.3 torch adjustment mechanism

The torch adjustment mechanism is provided to adjust the position of the welding torch 2 and the flux delivery port relative to the weld. The welding torch adjusting mechanism 13 is formed by vertical combination of vertical adjustment and lateral adjustment, and the vertical adjustment part is connected with the welding car body. The lateral adjustment portion is mounted on the vertical adjustment portion movement block. Both the flux hopper 11 and the wire feeder 12 are mounted on the horizontal adjustment portion. The wire feeder 12 and the welding torch adjusting mechanism 13 are connected by insulation. The position of the torch 2 and dispensing port can be adjusted by the associated handle of the vertical or lateral adjustment section.

2.4 Welding operation box

The welding operation box 10 is a control unit for the welding operation, the preparation of the welding, the start of the welding, the adjustment of the welding process parameters, and the completion of the welding, all of which are shown in Fig. According to different working conditions and needs, select the appropriate welding operation box on the spin (press) button to adjust to achieve the work requirements.

2.5 flux trays

The function of the flux tray 3 is to hold the arc and to prevent leakage. It consists of a circular tray and shaft seat composition, the combination of the tray can be free to turn around the shaft seat, placed in the position shown in Figure 1. In the welding work, along with the rotation of the cylinder, the flux tray and the flux together rotate horizontally around the shaft base


3. Welding

3.1 Preparation before welding

(1) Boiler simplified 4 and head 3 by way of docking V-groove group. Group of welding points are only allowed to set in the outer ring seam, the inner ring welds are not allowed to have solder joints, to prevent obstruction of weld tracking.

(2) the welding car from the simplified manhole into the cylinder, and placed in the location shown in Figure 1. Torch 2 vertical weld, muzzle aligned weld center, welding torch from the nearest side of the car side of the car wheel about 100 Ⅲ. The weld tracker 7 also adjusts the position of the welding torches to adjust the two tracking wheels into the weld and elastically press them. The flux hopper 11 is filled with flux.

(3) Place the wire tray 15 and its support close to the center of the head. The welding power supply 18, the transfer tire 5 and the electric control box 17 are respectively connected to the power supply line through the power line 23 and are connected to each other according to the welding requirements. And then the electric control wire 16, the welding wire and the welding wire 19 are introduced into the barrel together from the center hole of the head to connect them with the relevant part of the welding trolley.

(4) Place the flux tray 3 under the weld to be welded about 50liral away from the outer surface of the weld. The center of the flux tray 3 is about 100mm away from the weld (see Fig. 1). Flux is filled between the flux trays 3 and 4.

(5) Most of the combinations inside and outside the machine, power on-line debugging, so that all parts of the action in the welding operation box 10 control operation.

(6) Set the welding current and welding voltage on the welding operation box 10 according to the welding process requirements.

(7) The welding traveling direction and traveling speed of the welding trolley are set by the welding operation box 10; the steering (opposite to the traveling direction of the welding trolley) and the rotation speed of the transfer tire 5 are set so that the movement of both the welding trolley and the tire 5 The rates are the same.

(8) Jog "wire" button, so that the end of the wire to the center of the weld, welding rod elongation of about 25 into. Open the solder hopper 11 and place the solder paste on the solder joint.

3.2 Welding When everything is ready, it can be welded.

(1) Pressing the "Welding start" button on the welding operation box 10 starts the welding. At this point the welding car according to the pre-set welding direction and welding speed walking, at the same time transfer tire 5 also will reverse synchronous rotation.

(2) welding process, the operator should pay attention to observe the welding current and welding voltage, once the deviation from the set value corresponds to a timely adjustment.

(3) after welding a section of the weld, should be removed on the weld flux and welding slag to see the weld fusion and forming. If the bead welding is not good enough to increase the welding voltage; if the weld is not high enough to reduce the walking speed of welding trolley; if the weld formation deviation from the weld by adjusting the welding torch adjustment mechanism 13 on the lateral adjustment part of the welding gun position correction.

(4) During the welding process, the seam tracker 7 will always be guided by the welding trolley. When the welding is close to the head and tail. The tracking wheel will lose the weld backing, but by the formation of the guiding role of the continuation of the original, the welding car will continue to move along the reverse welding until the start with the welding coincidence. After the butt weld is completed, the "stop welding" button on the welding operation box 10 is pressed, and the inner ring seam welding is finished. Welding car construction site and weld formation shown in Figure 4