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Submerged arc welding and electroslag welding


SAW(Including submerged arc welding and electroslag welding)is a method that the arc welding under flux layer combustion.Their advantage is that inherent welding quality is stable, the welding production rate is high, no arc and little smoke etc. This makes it to be the main welding method in pressure vessels, pipe manufacturer, box beams and other major steel production. In recently years, many kinds of efficient, high quality new welding method has appeared, but have nothing influence of the saw application. See from the deposited metal by all kinds of welding method, the submerged holds about 10%, with little changes over the years.Submerged arc welding is one of the higher productivity of mechanized welding method, which stands for automatic submerged arc welding, also known as automatic arc welding under flux layer. The advantage:High production efficiencyThis is because, on the one hand the conductive wire length is shortened, current and current density increases.Therefore penetration and wire arc deposition efficiency are greatly improved.( Generally the not open side single groove depth of penetration up to 20mm) On the other hand due to the insulating effect of flux and slag. The arc is substantially no radiation heat loss, less spatter. Although for melting solder heat loss has increased, but the overall thermal efficiency is still greatly increased.High weld qualityThe protective effect of slag isolated from the air is good, it can automatically adjust the welding parameters remain stable, less demanding on the technical level welders, weld composition and stability, and mechanical properties better.good working conditionsIn addition to reducing the labor intensity of manual welding operations, and also it doesn’t have the arc radiation, which is the unique advantage of SAW.


Currently it mainly used for welding a variety of steel structure. The weldable types include carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and composite steel, etc. Submerged arc welding in shipbuilding, boiler, chemical containers, bridges, lifting machinery, metallurgical machinery manufacturing, marine construction, nuclear power equipment has the most widely used. In addition, use the submerged arc welding the wear and corrosion alloys or corrosion resistant alloy, copper alloys are also ideal.