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Research on vertical fillet once forming welding technology

1.Key Technologies

The vertical welding seam welding seam special, welding environment is small, the existing molding automatic welding equipment can not deal with, to solve the vertical fillet weld a forming automatic welding key technologies are: (1) need to have a set of welding Point pool speed and welding car speed up the speed of matching and coordination of automatic control system. (2) to adapt to the angle seam welding and forced cooling of the weld forming a special water-cooled slider. (3) a set of can make the torch and water-cooled slider in the horizontal plane to adjust the adjustment mechanism.


2. automatic welding trolley composition and working principle 2.1 composition vertical angle seam automatic welding trolley structure in the structure, shape, function and working principle and other aspects of the plane butt joint vertical seam gas welding machine similar to the difference between the two Point: First, the vertical seam weld automatically adjust the car in addition to the welding torch adjustment agencies have around, before and after and up and down adjustment, the need to configure a welding torch horizontal angle adjustment mechanism, so that the torch can be in the vertical plate or steel plate with 45 . Angle position. Second, vertical seam welded to the car's water-cooled slider shape of the special, it is welded steel plate angle of the two junctions into 90. . According to the requirements of one-time forming automatic welding key technology of vertical fillet welding, according to the plane butt joint vertical seam welding technology, the welding trolley specially designed for one-time forming of vertical seam weld is designed and manufactured. / RTI & gt; Mainly by the body, track, water-cooled torch and adjust the body, water-cooled slider and adjust the body, the operation box and so on.

1 a body; 2 a water-cooled cable; 3 a wire tube; 4 a handle; 5 a handle; 6 a box; 7 a track; 8 a handle; 9 a locking wrench; 10 a handle; A water-cooled welding torch; 12 a water pipe; 13 a C02 trachea; 14 water-cooled slider; 15 a return pipe; l-locking knob pull; 17-handle;

2.2 The key components of the function and working principle

(1) body. The vehicle body 1 is a main body of a welding carriage. Is the backing of other components. The vehicle body l is internally provided with a track running wheel and a travel driving mechanism, and the track running wheel is responsible for the stable and reliable cooperation of the vehicle body 1 with the track 7 and its walking; the motion and power of the walking drive mechanism depend on a spur gear output, 7 side-mounted racks. The rail 7 is a rigid body, and a plurality of sets of magnets 18 are arranged in the longitudinal direction thereof so that the rail 7 is attracted to the steel plate.

(2) water-cooled welding torch. The water-cooled torch 1 1 is an important execution part of the welding process. On the one hand, it is connected to the wire feeder 3 through a wire feeding tube 3. The water- The welding wire is introduced into the welding; on the other hand, the water cooling cable 2 is connected with the welding wire and the circulating cooler respectively. The welding gun 11 is responsible for the introduction of welding power. Since the muzzle of the water-cooled torch 11 is above the molten bath, it is subjected to a high heat during the welding process, and therefore cooling is performed. Water-cooled welding gun 1l about the level of adjustment by the handle 5 to achieve. Followed by movement by the handle 8 to achieve. Up and down adjustment by the handle 10 to complete, corner adjustment through the locking lever 9 to achieve.

(3) water-cooled slider. The role of water-cooled slider 14 is to hold the molten iron molten pool and the rapid cooling of molten iron forming, but also the core of welding components. It is not only through the COz trachea 13 access to the pool to introduce C0: protective gas, but also with the water pipe 12 connected to the water-cooled slider 14 introduced cooling water to protect the slider is not burned, but also the implementation of the weld Cooling, forced weld forming. Cooling water from the return pipe] 5 flow back to the circulating cooler. The horizontal adjustment of the water-cooled slider 14 is realized by the handle 4, the telescopic adjustment is realized by the handle 17, and the telescopic mechanism is provided with a spring to make the water-cooled slider 14 resiliently tight on the fillet weld, and its horizontal index adjustment Adjust the locking lever to complete the 16, water-cooled slider 14 by welding the high angle of 9 mm.

(4) Operation box. The process cartridge 6 is a core operation control unit for the entire welding process. It is connected with the control line of the welding power supply, the wire feeder, the circulating cooler, the CO: gas supply valve and so on; the above set a number of function switches and display table, a welding start and stop switch, wire, Back to the wire button, the car walking to the switch and walking speed adjustment knob, also equipped with a welding ammeter and voltmeter, car walking speed funeral. Before the welding, the t-parameter setting of each link must be completed in the operation box 6. Welding starts. The components in an automated mode to coordinate the operation, to achieve automatic welding;