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Research and Application of Trackless Synchronous Bilateral Welded Car in Engineering

The steel structure has the advantages of light weight, short construction period, strong adaptability, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. The steel structure has the advantages of uniform material quality, stable quality, high strength, good plastic toughness, impact resistance and resistance Vibration and other characteristics of strong. After the Wenchuan and Japan earthquake test, high-rise steel structure, space steel structure, bridge steel structure, light steel structure and residential steel structure and other industrial and civil buildings are springing up all over the country. The main structure of the steel structure is H-shaped steel column / beam, box type column / beam, conventional H type and box type components are welded by gate submerged arc welding, but <350mm box section adopts double- The As the H-shaped steel flange plate is wide and the cross-section is small, the welding machine head and the H-shaped steel flange plate interference, so that the door submerged arc welding can not be normal welding, so for the above welding problems, combined with field work experience produced trackless Synchronous bilateral welding car, in the course of the use of both the quality of the weld to ensure that also improve the production efficiency of welding.

1. Traditional process welding method

The conventional H-shaped steel is composed of two flanges and a web, which is welded by sub-submerged arc welding (see Fig. 1). The box-shaped member is composed of two flap plates and two webs. Door double wire submerged arc welding (see Figure 2). Unconventional H-shaped steel (flange plate wide, smaller cross-section) can not be welded (see Figure 3), the small section of the box can not be implemented welding as shown in Figure 4. For the above two types of components in the welding group is usually used when the manual welding, not only low welding efficiency, weld quality is difficult to guarantee, and the appearance of poor weld.

2. Improved process points analysis

(1) two-sided welding trolley production of the same type of specifications and models of the two sets of gas protection welding machine; for the formation of the width of 500mm H-shaped steel wing two, 200mm wide web; 350mm / b cross-section Box flange plate and the web of the two; pipe cutting machine one; pipe cutting machine connecting rod and its rotation axis. (2) Trackless Synchronous Bilateral Welded Car Components The main structure of the trackless synchronous bilateral welding trolley and the application of the welding trolley in H-shaped steel and box type are shown in Fig. (3) The working principle of the trackless synchronous welding machine First, the CO: gas shielded welding torch 3 is fixed at both ends of the connecting rod 1, and the pipe cutting machine trolley device 4 with the welding torch 3 is placed on the workpiece 6, The welding angle of the 2,5N welding torch 3, the angle of the welding gun 3 is adjusted to start the pipe cutting machine car device 4, the welding machine driven by the pipe cutting machine 4 driving the welding torch 3 for welding wide flange H-shaped steel and small cross- The (4) track-free synchronization of bilateral welding focus analysis First, the pipeline cutting machine car wheel for the permanent magnet car, adjust the straight travel path, and then drive the gas welding welding gun forward welding, to avoid the non-magnetic car walking forward walking The path changes. Second, the two gas shielded welding machine to choose the same model of the Austrian welding machine, welding parameters before welding, welding gun angle adjustment to the normal welding of the welding state, to avoid the different types of welding machine is not synchronized on both sides of the welding Have an adverse effect. Third, the welding before the welding web in advance according to the conventional requirements of semi-automatic cutting machine processing groove, and the use of correction machine plate correction flat, is strictly prohibited the use of wave deformation of the plate assembly, welding. Fourth, the gas shielded welding torch in the welding before the need to firmly fixed on the rotating shaft welding shaft, to avoid the impact of normal welding. Fifth, H-shaped steel or box in the formal welding, should be added in the end of the arc plate and lead plate, material and base metal material the same, and thus ensure the quality of the main weld welding.

3. Conclusion

Factory manufacturing workshop Since the use of this trackless bilateral synchronous welding car since the wide flange to solve the small section of H-section steel and small cross-section can not use the door submerged arc welding problems. With this new type of bilateral synchronous welding car, the welding production efficiency is significantly improved compared with the traditional manual welding efficiency. After welding, the internal quality of the weld is obviously improved by UT detection, and the working strength of the manual welding is reduced. Achieve the ultimate goal: to improve work efficiency, save production costs, reduce labor intensity, for the same type of welding components play a reference role.