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KMQ-1 Portable Profiling flame cutting machine

“KMQ-1” Portable profiling gas cutter is through electromagnetic plane roller which is rolling at ferromagnetism metal templates to carry out profiling automatic cutting. The machines operate simply and conveniently, nozzle at the center of magnetic head, because it is close to templates for tracking, consequently it has cutting high accuracy, cutting surface quality, low-help work. Accurate, efficient profile modeling, but also it can do continuable work. 

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  • Technical specification

1. Tube for supply oxygen

2. Tube for supply gas

3. The motor conversion switches: Control magnetic wheel rolling direction.

4. Speed control turn - knob: Along the "10" turn the button which can enable to accelerate the

  speed of machinery moving. Along the "0" is the reduction of movement speed.

5. Magnetic block: Magnetic block has a large magnetism that makes machine adsorb in steel,

  which greatly enhances the stability of machinery.

6. Control magnetic spanner: When pull handles upward reduces the adsorb ability of magnetic

   block, which enables to move the location of machinery easily.

7. Portable handle

8. Magnetism control switches: Magnetism appears after connecting magnetic head, whereas

  magnetism disappears.

9. Two-valve: Regulate the degree of gas flux

10. Torch cutter control handle

11. Magnetic head

12. Templates

13. Tip


Technical specifications

1) Weight (main components)

14 kilo


1.5 kilo

2) Overall dimension


3) The standard magnetic roller diameter

D: 24mm

4) Power


5) Speed control methods


6) Cutting speed (no level)


7) Cutting thickness

6mm—30mm (standard accessory)

8) Size of the largest circle cutting


9) Size of the largest ellipse cutting


Standard packaging

1) Main components


2) Standard torch assembly

1 set

4) Tip (G02#1, #2, #3)

each of them

6) Inlet connection


7) Switches spanner

1 pc

8) Specification and certification

each of them

9) Power cable

1 set

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