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How to choose right type of plate and pipe beveling machine?

Beveling machine compared with flame cutting machine, easy operation, high efficiency, processing without deburring and other characteristics, by contrast, flame cutting machines operation more difficult, energy consumption, processed steel surface is easily oxidized, bending deformation and other defects . Therefore beveling machine is gradually dominate the market. According to different materials processing, beveling machine can be divided into steel and pipe beveling machine beveling machine, here mainly explain how to choose the right flat plate beveling machine models?


1. First, let's clear their plate material and thickness.

Huawei plate and pipe beveling machine can bevel low carbon steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other materials, if there are special materials, can be tailor-made tools. Processing of different materials steel, only need to replace the tool can be. Our company can process plate thickness 4mm-45mm, the steel sheet in this section, we have the right plate beveling machine to hit the groove.

2. Next, identify the required groove width and angle.

Flat beveling machine can be single-groove weld surface with 25 °, 30 °, 35 °, 40 °, 45 ° different angles optional.

3. Finally, the walls are single-sided or double-sided bevel groove to determine the model.

If you hit the "X" type, "Y" type, "V" shaped groove in steel is not easy to stand up, the machine can turn around the situation, you can choose to turn around beveling machine.