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How to choose right type of gas and plasma CNC cutting machine?

People have a general concept, the use of numerical control equipment, can be obtained with high precision and high efficiency. Further, in the high-end configuration similar equipment devices, it has higher precision and higher productivity. However, CNC flame or plasma cutting machine, absolutely is not. Whether or CNC flame cutting, plasma cutting, since the cutting width of the mouth of a variety of factors that cutting nozzle, etc., no matter how high the accuracy of the device itself, with its cut-out parts precision error is about ± 0.5mm in its error device itself up several orders of magnitude. That huge amounts of money or to spend millions of imported CNC cutting machine, can only be the case.


This is a process for flame cutting or plasma are determined, in any case are not like other CNC CNC lathes and other equipment, like high precision. That is, the accuracy of the device itself is six or eight, are not very important. From the point of view of production efficiency, cutting the pace, flame cutting, for example, depends entirely on the sheet thickness, the moving speed of the cutting nozzle type, oxygen purity, gas quality and other factors, the equipment should meet and adapt to the requirements of the cutting process. That is, the cutting efficiency with the device itself and is not directly related. Of course, CNC cutting machine still reflects the considerable precision and high efficiency, but this is relative to the hand-cut material terms, and the machining accuracy and efficiency commonly referred to, is not a concept. From Syria analysis, regardless of someone's CNC cutting machine production, from cutting in terms of accuracy and productivity, there will not be much difference. That small or small to ten thousand yuan compared with imported CNC millions of large CNC, it is still the case, a precision machining parts, roughness, production efficiency will not be a big difference.


Therefore, due to limitations of this process, it had only completed roughing apparatus, also according to the processing center and other finishing equipment, as a class, spend costly to pursue aims to improve the precision and efficiency of the so-called high-end configuration, It is unscientific. The most expensive thing is not to use the device, the device becomes a high-end equipment. A measure of whether the device is high-end, the evaluation should be based on reliability and the effect of the device (the machining precision parts, roughness, productivity), but not at the expensive of its equipment used on, but not his price.


For such equipment in the cutting process to meet the requirements of the premise, the pursuit of the system should focus on: 1. CNC material cutting, poor working conditions, dust, temperature changes, vibration equipment have runtime system reliability It is a top priority. 2. The hardware and software performance can satisfy the requirements of the various cutting. 3. Enter the pattern is simple, on-site operation performance is good, so that site operators easy operation and maintenance. 4. There is a better ease of operation, such as cutting the top of the torch, there are all necessary to move bits and control keys.


CNC cutting machine itself is rough, when customers choose, depending on your product for the accuracy requirements Gaobu Gao, wire cutting accuracy is the highest, but slowest speed cutting machine indeed. For some customers always clear cutting the power supply problem, cutting machine cutting accuracy is guaranteed, and the power to ensure that the cutting thickness, inclination, with or without glitches and slag problems.