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HK-6W Fillet Stitch Angle Wavering Welding Carriage Tractor With Oscillation

HK-6W swing welding trolley is automatic. It can gain more wide welded seam at a time.You can adjust swing speed, swing angle, offset position of centre and length of stay. It suits for vary specs beads. In non-welding state, the biggest trolley speed is 1900mm/min.The magnetron hand grip can decrease a few magnetism, so it is convenient to clear iron waste and moving trolley.


Name and function of each section

The HK-6W are slipped the piece, the direction round ,torch handle knob, the torch swing machine, by the small car essence, X-Y to control the hand handle, controling a box an etc. parts to constitute.

1)Small car essence part: BE the whole framework of pedestal machine, is other partses of carry a body.

2)The X-Y slips a piece: BE the device that regulates the torch position, weld in the middle can carry on the torch up and down or so tiny adjust.

3)Lead to a round: Along the female material noodles roll over, guide accurate weld the device of the part.

4)  Torch: Keep the torch or curved torch, the customer make choice of purchase.

5)The torch clips to hold a machine: It is the torch to clip to hold device, can be expediently carry on maintain, adjust to dismantle to unload and the torch.

6)Swing electrical engineering AC outlet.

7)Run about electrical engineering AC outlet.

8)  Insurance.

9)Circumscribe AC outlet.

10)Control a box: Can regulate all actions of the small car, the detailed contents reference" control panel elucidation"

11)Drive part: BE the device that drives a small car, with four rubber rounds, the awl wheel gear, the chain, the chain round constitute.

12)The controls a hand handle: The gearing and ambulation of the convenient and small car, the gearing contain permanent magnetic iron, avoiding the phenomenon that the small car escapes from to weld line.

13)Lift a hand handle.

14) The torch swings a machine: Arouse the torch carries on swinging mode to weld.

15)Inductive stop switch: the barrow automatically stops when welding the end of the work piece.

Technical specification

Main technical parameter

1. size


2. weight

12Kg(Included swing device)

3. power


4. Swing motor


5. driving method

Four rims driving(Rubber rim)

6. Walk speed

50~1900mm/min(Display by nixie tube)

7.Range of adjusting welding torch

Up and down


Front and rear


Range of working angle


Range of adjusting angle


8.Swing parameter

Length of stay on left or right


Set position of deviation


Swing speed


Swing angle


9. Choose swing model


Welding parameter

                welding wire diameter

welding parameter






Down hand welding




flush fillet welding




horizontal welding





  1. U=14+0.051
  2. 300A under  U=0.041+16±1.50
  3. above 300A   U=0.041+20±2.0

distance between nozzle and workpiece(H)

  1. Below 200A: H=10~15mm 
  2. 200~350A  H=15~20mm
  3. 350~500A  H=20~25mm

welding extension length(L)

The length is about 10 times welding wire diameter. It is L=10d

Contents of package

1. complete machine

1 set

2.Standard power wire (220V/20M)  

1 set

3. Fuse(2A)

2 sets

4. Hexangular screw 

1 set

5. conjunction converts line(500mm)

1 set

6. Specification sheets  

1 set  

7. certificate of qualification 

1 set  

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