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HK-8SS-L Light automatic welding carriage with wire feeder for fillet weld

The machine is made with a simple and compact structure, which including walking trolley, welding torch and wire feedes. Additionally ,the total weight of this machine is about 30KG(without welding wire).The machine has a strong power and walking speed is stable. Especially, the machines has a system to monitoring and adjust speed so that the machine works with a constant speed. Additionally, the machine also heve a quick-run model which allows the machine to back to the starting-welding position quickly. The machine has a swinging function, and there has a various welding modes can be chosen to achieve the best welding performance. Wavering speed, angle, off-centering position, and left and right stay time can be adjusted, Additionally, all parameters are displayed by digital tube. The machine is widely used for ship, bridge, engine, petrochemical and steel structure works, ect,





HK-8SS-L is made up of carriage body, guide wheel, control box. Regulating mobile seat, welding gun holder, welding gun wiggle

1 Carriage body: It is the skeleton of the whole machine, and the supporter of the other parts. It is equipped with the driving mechanism, which is installed in the body cavity of the carriage, through the reducer casing to achieve carriage’s four-wheel drive.

2 Electromagnetic valve (DC24V).

3 Wire feeder interface

4 Wiggler interface

5 Carriage’s power supply interface

6 Wire feeding mechanism

7 Control box: can control carriage’s all functions and details refer to "control panel introduction".

8 Wire reel

9 Welding gun cable bracket: It is a device for fixing the welding gun cable; for the convenience of welding gun, the screw type cable clip is adopted.

10   Stand column: it is used to support the wire reel and the cable bracket.

11 Wire reel shaft holder: it is used to adjust the position of the wire reel; after confirming the position you should tighten lock screw.

12 Anti-dropping locating clip: before adjusting the wire reel, be sure to lock the holder, to prevent the wire reel falling and smashing other parts.

13 Welding gun wiggler: guidance for all kinds of swing mode welding. Wiggler output shaft end is tightly near to the welding gun angle adjustment device. It can easily and accurately make the gun center on the weld and fine adjust the angle of gun. Finally connected to the welding gun holder, which is a holding device, you can easily repair, adjust, and demount the gun.

14 Regulating moving seat (up and down): as a device to regulate the location of welding gun, if the welding gun deviated from weld pass, the welding gun can be adjusted up and down.

15  Guide device: the guide wheel along the guide rail profile to roll, to guide the precise welding position. When installing the guide bar, subject to the walking direction, the back guide bar should extend length of 3 ~ 5 mm long than the front guide bar.

16 Regulating moving seat (leftward and rightward): as a device to regulate the location of welding gun, during welding it can be adjusted leftward and rightward.

Technical specification

Main technical parameter








DC 24V






30 Kg


Range of adjusting welding torch

Left and right



Four rims driving(Rubber rim)


Up and down


swinging motor



Working angle range


walking speed


Display on the nixie tube

Moving angle range


operating function

Swing speed

Minimum speed: 8 cycles per minute or 16 stay per minute

Maximum speed: 188 cycles per minute or 376 stay per minute

Swing angle

Adjusted from 0 to 100

lift、middle、right stay time

0~1.5 s

Adjusted ±10°


Configuration list


Host machine (including wire feeder)

1 set



1 pc


stand column

1 pc


Cable bracket

1 pc


Wire reel shaft

1 pc


Power box/power cord (20m)

1 pc


Wiggler ligature 0.8m 

1 pc


Gas shielded welding gun

1 pc


electric welding machine ligature 5m

1 pc



3 pcs


Inner hexagon spanner:M3,M4,M5,M6

1 pc each


specification sheets

1 pc


Certificate of qualification

1 pc


The warranty card

1 pc

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