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HK-55P Handy automatic motorized plasma cutter torch

The〝HK-55P〞is a portable gas cutter developed on the basis of a novel idea for the purpose of auto matization of portable cutters used in all work sites, incorporating their merits.The〝HK-55P〞automatically moves as the wheel on the side of the tip turns. An operator can cut material in shape by controlling the direction of the wheel.This device casing is made of flame retardant PC materials, and has compact structure. Small in size, convenient to carry, it could realize the manual cutting of various kinds of occasions. The body is equipped with the arc striking switch and walking speed adjustment button, making the operation convenient; and the machine running voltage adopts safe voltage DC12V power supply, safe and reliable. Change accessories for different angle groove, curve and circular cutting, etc. This device applies to shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical and other machinery industries. It is simple to learn; even can be relatively easy for beginners to cut steel.




1. Locknut

7. Power switch

2. Hold-down nut

8. Positive &negative switching

3. Cutting torch head cover

9. Arc striking switch

4. Bevel gear seat


5. Sustentation axle


6. Speed control knob: Turn the knob in the direction of H to move the machine quickly and to L to move slowly.

Technical specification


1.Weight(main unit)

:2.2 kg

Handy auto kit

:5.7 kg

2. Machine size

:500mm×200mm×150mm (With standard wheel assembly)

3. Wheel drive

:Friction drive

4. Power source

:AC 220V±10%  

5. Speed control method

:Potentiometer control

6. Cutting speed


7. matched plasma specifications


Note: the matched plasma power supply should be less than 100 A

8.Cutting thickness

:1~25mm Depending on plasma power supply


:DC12V ,15W

Optional attachments

  Auxiliary wheel assembly

  Beveling wheel assembly(20°-45°)

  Small circle cutting attachment (Ø30-Ø120mm)

  Guide lever

Contents of package

1.Main unit

1 set

2.Standard wheel assembly

1 set

3. Spanner

1 pcs

4. Fuse( mizett , 1A)

1 pcs

5. AC Adaptor

1 pcs

6. Special plasma cutting torch

1 pcs

7. Wrench for wearing parts

1 set

8.Auxilliary wheel assembly

1 set

9.Beveling wheel assembly

1 set

10.Small circular arc cutting accessories

1 set

11. Metal case

1 pcs

12. instructions, certificate

Each 1 pcs

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