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HK-54D-II Shape cutting machine

“HK-54D-II”profiling gas cutter is a kind of efficient and economic product. It is designed well and made of A-alloy. It can cut many shapes of pieces according to sample plate. The accuracy of cutting surface is good and the quality is high. The body is very small. So, it not only suits for company, but also suits for outdoor. 

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Name and function of each section

1.Lift wheel of arm :Release the screw of arm and adjust the wheel to make the arm unit assembly rise or fall.


3.oxygen inlet

4.gas inlet

5. base

6. Screw at the bottom: Make the machine horizontal on steel plate.

7.control panel

8. Outlet

9.pressure switch

10. Speed regulating knob:Increase the speed if you revolve it along “0” to “10”.

11. Torch

12.magnetic assembly

13. Frame of sample plate: To fix the sample plate and adjust the height of sample plate.

14.cross rack


16.lifting handle of boom






:85 KG

2. Machine dimension

:1300 × 540 ×700 mm

3. Power source

:220V  50HZ

5. Cutting speed

 : 100~1000mm/min

6. Cutting thickness

 : 3~100mm

7.The diameter of cutting circle.

 : ø30~ø400mm

8.Diameter of standard magnetic roller


9.Square size of cutting


10. Motor

 : 55/ZYT DC110V24W  3600r/min

Contents of package

1. Main body


2. Standard torch unit assemblage


3. Tip


2 pcs each


4.Power wire


5. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

6. Gas-in connector


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