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HK-5B-D auto welding carriage for flat groove weld

HK-5B-D is an equipment that can be used for chopping or continuous horizontal fillet welding.The actual distance of welding/non-welding can be adjusted by the waved switch、controlled by the electric engine and displays on the  display screen. It can be used for accurate welding due to its homogeneous running speed and high degree of precision.. The maximum running speed of the welding barrow at the time of non-welding is 1900mm/min.




Outside view

Composition illustration

The HK-5B-D is made up of the body of the barrow、X-Y gliding block、directive wheel、inductive switch in the torch、magnetron hand grip、and control casing and so on.

1. Driving part: the device for driving the barrow is composed of four rubber rims,angle gears, catena and rag wheels

2. X-Y gliding block: the device for adjusting the position of the torch, and fine turning for up 、down、 left and right.

3. Welding torch clip: the device for fixing the torch.

4. Directive wheel: the device that is rolling on the surface of the base mental as a guide to the correct welding position.

5. Magnetron hand grip: the device for the convenience of fixing and shifting the barrow .

6. Control casing: adjust all the actions of the barrow, there are details in the control panel illustration section.   

7. Magnet: The permanent-magnet can prevent the barrow from getting away from the sealing wire.

8. Inductive stop switch: the barrow automatically stops when welding the end of the work piece. 

Application circumstance

Technical specification

Contents of package

NAME:Continuous/discontinuous automatic welding barrow



1. Regulated power supply DC24V                          one set

2. Standard power cord 220V/20M                          one set

3. 2P torch control line 500mm                              one set

4. Fuse 220V/2A                                          two sets

5. Inner hexagon spanner                                one set

6. Instruction book                                        one set

7. Conformity certificate                                   one set

8.The standard rail (1.84m)                  one set

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