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HK-05A Suspender Cutter

“HK-05A”portable hanger gas cutter is flexible. It can turn easily. It is used on many fields. It is designed well and looks beautifully. We adopt many advices of customers and hold technical seminars. Then, we do technical innovations and optimizations for it. So, the operation, durability and thermal insulation are improved much.


1. Hoses: Oxygen hose, Preheating oxygen hose and cutting oxygen hose


6. Torch lifting wheel: To adjust the lifting of torch.

7.Host machine

2. Two-sport valve: To adjust the flow of gas.


3. Gas distributor: You only need to adjust it at the first time.

4.Adapter:input AC220V  output DC12V 400MA

9.Guide track

10.Magnet:One on left and one on right. They are used to fix machine.


11. Clutch hand knob

5.Special tip

12.Hand knob

Technical specification


1. Weight


2.Machine dimension

:470×360 ×230H(mm)

3. Speed control

:Silicon control

4. Power source

:AC 220V±10%

5. Cutting speed


6. Cutting thickness


7. Groove angle


8.Cutting range



: oxygen, acetylene or liquefied petroleum gas


: DC DC12V  400MA   5000r/min

Contents of package

1. Body

1 set

2.Torch unit assemblage


3.Tip (choose one according to need)

G02 :1#


G03 :1#


4.up and down moving seat (including cross rack)

1 pc   

5. Gas-in connector

1 set  

6.Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

7.Electric cable


8.Radius gauge(locating screw)


9.Philips screwdriver


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