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HK-200 Huawei Brand small cycle Gas Cutter

“HK-200”circlular gas cutter (Revised) has high strength magnet at the bottom, which can stick to the steel plate completely. So, it can do circle cutting on incline or vertical. The system adopts rotary gas distributor to avoid hoses enwinding. It can do groove cut.This machine is portable. It is equipped with locating device of center of circle and the operation is very easy and flexible. 


1. Handlebar


8.Reversing switch of motor:

To change the direction of cutting. The “STOP” position is in the middle.


2. Motor



3.Rotary gas distributor: To avoid the hoses

  enwinding in the process of cutting.

4.Gear case



9. Hand wheel of adjusting speed :

  To adjust the speed of machine.


5. Hoses


10. Outlet


6. Torch


11. Electromagnet switch


7.Center: The center should be put in the punched

  hole, which is on the center of circle.


12. Electromagnet


13. Supporter: To maintain the balance.

Technical specification


1. Weight(Body)

:11.5 kilograms

2. Machine dimension


3. Speed control

:SCR control

4. Power source

:AC 220V±10%

5.Rotary speed of torch

:0.5~6.5 r/min

6. Cutting speed


7. Groove angle


8.Diameteral of cutting circle



:Suit for oxygen, acetylene or liquefied petroleum gas


 : DC 24V    15W   5000r/min

11.Fixed mode

 : Electromagnet (Adsorption affinity :150Kg/0mm)

Contents of package


1) Body

1 set

2)Tip(G02 or G03 #1#,2#、3#,)

1 pc each

3) Inlet gas connector

1 set   

4)Open spanner

1 set 

5) Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

6) Power cable

1 set

7) Safety rope, Safety buckle

1 set each

8) Phillips screwdriver

1 set 

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