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cutting welding machine for energy industry


The energy industry includes energy transportation, nuclear power industry, ocean floor drilling, hydroelectric generation, wind power generation and oil storage tank. In this industry, the actual condition of the customer’s work site is complex and the safety standard of this industry is high, thus, our equipment is often specially designed according to the features of this industry. Some special product is even uniquely researched and developed only for one customer so as to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Oxy-fuel/plasma CNC cutting machine is used for cutting high-precision matching section, particularly the plasma CNC cutting machine can be used for the rapid cutting of the thin plate. The beveling machine provides convenience for beveling various pipes and flat plates so as to satisfy the requirements of the secondary welding of the work piece. The small-size portable oxy-fuel cutting machine can be held by hand for operation so as to carry out high quality work in a narrow space. The welding carriage is widely used for the butt joint of pipe and flat plate, such as our HK-100S is widely used for the vertical weld and circular seam weld of the large-size oil storage tank.