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CNC plasma cutting machine for quality control

CNC plasma cutting machine is a mechanical and electrical integration of advanced equipment for cutting materials under the sheet metal, has been in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing industry is a wide range of applications. Effect of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality of many factors, in addition to cutting machine design parameters, but also with operational control, the cutting process and so on. In order to improve cutting quality, we carry a comprehensive cutting test, analyze and sort based on experimental data obtained in the best operating parameters of CNC plasma cutting machine. Now described as follows:

1. The characteristics of plasma cutting CNC and quality assessment

With CNC plasma cutting machine can cut a variety of complex shape of the workpiece, and a cutting speed, high efficiency, good quality cutting surface, cutting precise size, the advantages of small thermal deformation of the workpiece. Cut parts without machining and welding can be directly applied. However, CNC plasma cutting machine cutting by plasma arc, it is compared with oxygen cutting. There are still some shortcomings, mainly reflected in the large inclination of the cutting surface, cutting good finish without oxygen. The main criterion for assessing CNC plasma cutting quality is good or bad: the inclination of the cutting surface, cutting slits tread depth, and so much dross. A high-quality cutting surface which inclination should be 30 or less, cut the tread depth should be O. 15 mm less and less dross, easy to remove. Under voltage, current stable conditions, the impact of cutting quality factors in addition to the electrode, the nozzle itself quality, there are two main aspects of reasons: First, cutting nozzle height and stability; the second is to match the cutting speed and the working pressure. When cutting nozzle plate from a height when raised using the arc voltage to control, because of its dynamic positioning accuracy up to ± 0.013 Shan, they are able to ensure a high degree of cutting nozzle and the steel sheet remains unchanged, so the small inclination of the cutting surface and uniform, and good finish. When manually adjusting the cutting nozzle height from steel. Cut flat steel plate to try to reduce the number of adjustments torch. Ensure the torch cutting process stability. In this paper, manually adjust the way, the height from the cutting nozzle plate control in 6 ~ 8 mm, cutting through a series of tests, describes the cutting speed (foul), the relationship between working pressure (P) and the cutting quality.


2. Test Method

Test equipment for CNC Electrical Equipment Co., Nanhua University Blu-ray production. 3000 CNC plasma cutting machine, equipped with LG a 1 00K, LG. 1 20K, LG a 1 60K, LG a 200K four kinds of different power air plasma cutting machine each one, each model of the electrode, the nozzle of 6 sets. The four air plasma cutting machine cutting torch, according to the order installed in CNC cutting machine cutting a small car. Air, etc. Each type of plasma cutting process to be done individually for all the whole experiment, i.e. with different cutting speeds, the use of different gas pressure, different thickness' A3 cutting plate (cooled with tap water). Cut from high pressure to low pressure, from low speed to high speed gradually. Pressure by the filter control valve to adjust the cutting speed by the CNC cutting machine control. Cutting parts for 100 IIl] [11 × 100 mm square parts.


3. Results and analysis of experiments.

With LG. 100K-type air plasma cutting machine 6 mm and 10 mm two test results of different thickness steel plate as shown in Table 1. Since the test data too. Cutting machine with other test data plate thickness. And with LG-120K, LG a 160K, LG. 200K test data type cutting machine is not listed. In the following will be expressed in the manner shown.

As it can be seen from the results in Table 1, when the cutting speed is too high, the pressure is too low, the large cutting surface inclination. This is because the speed is too fast, serious backward arc column, the lower part of the melting slotted keep pace. So the cut parts facet size. By plane size large, especially when cutting rectangular-shaped parts. At the bottom of the corner slotted into a circular shape instead of rectangular shape. If the cutting speed is too low, the pressure is too high dross serious, difficult to remove, poor finish. If appropriate cutting speed, work pressure is too high, stiffness and roundness arc column is damaged, cutting ability. Poor finish cutting. Therefore, cutting different thickness of steel plate, you need a reasonable choice of different cutting power, cutting speed and the working pressure in order to get the best cutting results. Can also be seen from the data in Table 1, different plate thickness have different optimum cutting speed and working pressure. We conducted four different models based on experimental data analysis models and finishing, drawn using different power plasma cutting machine cutting different thickness steel plate cutting speed and optimum parameters of working pressure graph shown in Figure 1.

According to the test results of four different models of power, it reached a different power different thickness steel plate cutting machine best cutting parameters as shown in Table 2. Based on these data we have some manufacturers were cutting actual application, good effect, cutting quality greatly improved.

4 Conclusion           


We know that the impact of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality of many factors, in addition to several parameters mentioned above, there are a variety of factors cutting process, the cutting method, the electrode nozzle is good or bad and the like. However, in the actual cutting process. Just follow the optimum cutting parameters provided above for cutting, control the cutting speed, working pressure and torch height, cutting to meet quality requirements. In the case of cutting voltage, cutting current stable electrode, nozzle life can be doubled.