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CG1-30H Straight Type Oxy-fual Cutting Machine

“CG1-30H”portable gas cutter is the new product developed of our Company. The internal structure of the machine designed proper and the appearance surface designed in a good taste. We improve many technology and craft under the guidance of the customers. Because using the new material and request the processing technical strictly, the operability and durability and heat-insulating property have big advance. 




1. Fast on-off hand knob

The hand knob contains three steps: close, preheat, cut. When it is on the close step, the machine will close all gas.

8. Clutch hand knob

9. Velocity modulation hand wheel

Modulate the speed of travel of the machine.

2. Body

10.Power outlet

3. Traversing gear rack

11. Preheat oxygen valve

4.Gas allotter

12.Motor.Backward/Forword conversion switch

5. Traversing hand wheel

6. Fuel gas two-port valve

13. Universal wheel

Modulate the bulk of the gas-flow rate

14. Fuse

7. Thermal baffle: Prevent the heat from diffusing into the machine.  


16.The hose transported the gas

Technical specification


1  Weight (body)    



7.8 kilograms

2  Machine dimension

435×210×240 mm (body)

3  Speed control

SCR control

4  Power source

AC 220V±10%

5  Cutting speed


6  Cutting thickness


7  Bevel angle


8  Cutting steel pipe diameter


9  Tip

GO2( for acetylene) or GO3(for propane)

Contents of package

1.  Body:

1 set

2.  Torch:

1 set

3.  Tip:

1 pc each

4.  Spanner

1 set

5.  Up-down moving seat

1 set

6.  Right-left moving seat(contained big traversing gear rack )

1 set

7.  Power cable

1 pc

8.  Attachment screw

1 pc

9.  Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

10.  Gas-in junction

1 set

11.  Bulb screw M4

2 sets

Standard accessories

1.  Radius staff

1 pc

2.  Slide way of groove

1 pc


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