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CG2-11G-PII Hand Pipe cutting machine

"CG2-11G / D-P" series of hand-operated pipe cutting machine is suitable for fast installation and cutting of seamless steel tube, also suitable for field operation.The machine is equipped with two clamping device, which can adjust locking wheel position according to the steel pipe diameter. To process a batch of the same size of the steel tube, after the first installation and debugging of machine, you can quickly through the locking device installed on other same specifications of steel, to save the time needed for adjusting machine, and improve production efficiency.


Name and function of each section

1. Cutting torch        2. cutting torch holder      3. connector     4. Transverse sliding seat  5. hand pump          6. driving wheel        

7. clamping device      8. locking device     9. circular guide rail      10. clamping wheel       11. clamping hand wheel

Technical specification



:12 kg


:1.5 kg

2. Machine dimension


3. Groove shape

:I shape or V shape (Most angle is 45 degrees)

4.Reset accuracy


5. Diameter of cutting pipe.


6. Cutting thickness

:5mm-50mm(Standard torch)

Contents of package

1.Standard pack  

1)Main body(The hand knobs on two sides are used to assemble backward.

: 1set 

2)Standard torch unit assemblage

: 1set   

3)Tip (G02 or G03 )

: 3pcs each

4)Gas-in connector

: 1set   

5)Connector of torch

: 1set 

6)Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

: 1pc each

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