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CG1-30F Right Angle Square Gas cutting Machine

“CG1-30F” squire cutter is designed according to square or parallel cutting works. It is made up of cross cutting device, longitudinal cutting device, control case, gas distributor and torch. There are reducer casing, motor, and clutch in the cross cutting device. The cross cutting device is equipped on the upper half of the main machine and it walks on the rail by four roller wheel. The four standing bars of roller wheel do left-right parallel moving because gear drives gear rack. 

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1. Torch


9. Fast distributor: You only need adjust a time and needn’t to adjust on the next time.


2.Hoses: Connect them between distributor and torch to transfer gas.



3. Cross-adjusting hand wheel: To control torch do cross moving.


10.Hand knob: To move machine


11. Four-way switch: To change the cutting direction and control cutting oxygen.





5. Parallel mobile bar



6.Reducing motor of cross cutting device


12. Clutch knob : “Close” when you turn it on left, “open” when you turn it on right .


7.Stroke dog



8. Thermal baffle: To prevent the heat diffusing into the inner of machine.



13.Universal wheel





:24 kilograms

Accessory(parts of guide rail)

:10.5 kilograms

2. Machine dimension

:450mm×800mm×40mm(main machine);

3. Speed control

:Silicon control

4. Power source

:AC 220V±10%

5. Cutting speed


6. Cutting thickness


7.Groove angle


8.Maximal distance of cross cutting


9. Maximal distance of longitudinal cutting

:B=1450MM  (standard)

10.Maximal angle of cross cutting



:G02(acetylene)or G03(propane)


:1) longitudinal motor 110V  50HZ  30W  3600r/min

:2) cross motor     110V  50HZ  24W  2200r/min

Contents of package

1). Body

1 set

2).Torch unit assemblage


3)Cross cutting device


4)Tip(G02 or G03 1#,2#、3#)

1 pc each  

5) Heavy punch(including a heavy punch bar)

1 set   

6)  Gas-in connector

1 set



8) Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

9) Power cable


10)M5 inner hexagon spanner


11)Philips screwdriver




13)Leather hose bearer


14)Matrix rail(standare:1800MM)


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