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CG1-30A straight line gas cutting machine

“CG1-30A” gas cutting machine is one of main products of our company. It is designed well and beautiful. We adopt many advices of customers and hold technical seminars. Then, we do technical innovations and optimizations for it. This machine adopts new material, which improves the serviceability, durability and heat-insulating property.




1. Hose: Connect them between distributor and torch. The three hoses are used individually for fuel gas, preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen.

2. Gas two-way valve: To adjust gas-flow rate.

3. Gas distributor.

4. Hand wheel: To adjust the up-down distance of torch by the wheel.

5. Main machine.       

6. Clutch hand knob        

7. Universal wheel

8. Thermal baffle: To prevent the heat diffusing into the inner of machine.

9. Torch body.         

10. Cross gear rack

11. Cross hand wheel: To adjust the horizontal distance of torch on cross bar

12. Fast switch knob: The knob is divided into three grapes: “close”, “preheating oxy

    gen” and “cutting”. It will close all the gas valves if the knob is on the “close”


13. Guide rail: There are two types: convex wheel and concave wheel. 

Technical specification



:25.5 kilograms

2. Machine dimension


3. Speed control

:Integrated circuit

4. Power source

:AC 220V 50HZ

5. Cutting speed


6. Cutting thickness


7.Groove angle

:0-45 degree

8.Diameteral of cutting circle



:G02 1#、2#、3#


:DC 110V 0.5A 30W   3600-4600r/min

11.Convex guide rail


12.Concave guide rail

:8Kg 1.8m/pc or 11Kg 1.2m/2pc

 Contents of package

1. Body

1 set

2.Torch unit assemblage

1 set

3. Tip  (acetylene)

3 pcs each

4. Gas-in connector (oxygen, acetylene)

2 sets

5. Moving unit assemblage

1set(including left-right, up-down moving unit assemblage)

6. Power cable

1 pc

7.Torch unit assemblage

1 set

8. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

9.Cutting circle unit assemblage

1 set

10.Guide rail

1 pc(convex wheel or concave wheel)

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