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CG2-2700 Shifting profiling gas cutting machine

 “CG2-2700” rocking arm copying gas cutter is designed for cutting large-sized work piece. The machine has advantages of common copying cutter and is used in all fields. Structure of the machine is solid and cutting accuracy is high. Operation of the machine is easy with little auxiliary work. Accurate and efficient copying can work continuously. Magnetic trace roller traces any kinds of shape. When track is fixed, the machine can move forwards and back. Because of easy operation, one person can operate some machines.




1. Shape arm locking handle: After releasing handle, shape arm can rotate 360 degree direction.

7.Traversing Hand wheel: Adjust horizontal distance of model plate

2.Gas admitting pipe

8.Adjusting hand wheel: Adjust model plate frame vertical distance

3.Oxygen admitting pipe

4. Pressure switch admitting pipe: Pressure switch and cutting oxygen valve are controlled in interlocking way.

9.Motor normal-reverse switch

10.DC motor

11.Magnetic head

5. Power switch: The switch is off before open power.


13.Torch and related parts

6.Speed control knob: Rotating the knob can make machine move quickly along “10” direction and move slowly along :0”direction.

14.Power socket


Technical specification


1. Weight (body)

114 kilograms


16 kilograms

2. Machine dimension

1300×480×800 mm

3.Standard diameter of magnetic roller wheel

diameter is 10 mm


AC 220V±10%

5. Speed control

SCR control

6.Cutting speed

50-750 mm/min

7. Cutting thickness

8 mm-100 mm(standard accessory)

8. Motor

DC 110 V  3600 r/min

9.Length of cutting line

2500 mm 

10.Size of cutting maximum circle                        

2700 mm

11.Size of cutting maximum square

1900X1900 mm

 Contents of package

standard package         

1) Body


2) Torch


3) Balance-weight


4) Tip(G02 or G03)


5)  Balance bar


  6)  Gas inlet joint


7) Spanner


8)  Specification sheets and certificate of qualification


 9)  Power cable


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