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  • Small CG2-11 Magnetic pipe gas cutter image

CG2-11 Magnetic pipe gas cutter

It is convenient to operate the “CG2-11”. It can cut pipes, the diameters of which are above 100mm. It is used in many fields such as ship, mechanism, electric, petroleum industry and so on.This machine is a advanced pipe gas cutter. It has impacted structure, light weight and can cut continuously.





1. Body

8.Thermal baffle:To prevent heat to diffuse into the inner of machine.

2 .Cross feeding hand wheel

   To adjust horizontal position of torch.

9.Two-port valve:To adjust the flow.

3. Hoses:Connect them to gas distributor. There are three hoses: preheating oxygen hose, fuel gas hose and cutting oxygen hose.

10.Gas distributor:Gases are: preheating oxygen, fuel gas and cutting oxygen.

11 Speed regulating knob:Decrease the speed along “10” toward “0” anti-clockwise.


5. Adjusting hand wheel of torch

12.Plug seat


13.Magnetic roller wheel:The two magnetic roller wheels can make the machine walk along pipe wall smoothly.

7.Reversing switch:To change the direction of machine. “STOP” position is in the middle.


Technical specification




2. Machine dimension


3. Power source

220V  50HZ

4. Cutting speed


5. Cutting thickness


6. Groove angle


7. Cutting range

¢>108MM(The no-seam pipe)

8) Cutting accuracy

When the machine walks a cycle on pipe, the error is below 0.5mm every 1m circumference. The smoothness of cutting and groove can reach

9. Adsorption affinity of magnetic roller wheel

Above 50kiograms

10. Impulse of machine.

When the machine walks up and down, it is below 0.5mm.

11. Motor

It adopts 70SZ08 servo-motor. 6000r/min, 68W

Contents of package

1.Standard pack

1) Main body


2) Standard torch unit assemblage


3) Connector of torch


4) Tip


  6)  Gas-in connector


7) Electric case and connecting wire


8)  Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

:1 pc each

 9)  Safety rope


10) Safety buckle


11) fuse(3A)


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