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Application of Full Position Automatic Welding Car in Cement Machinery Manufacturing

1. All position automatic welding carriage

All-position automatic welding car is a semi-automatic welding equipment, by the car body, drive device, control device, welding gun clamping device. Artificially enter the process parameters, according to a certain trajectory to achieve all-round automatic welding. All-position automatic welding car 10 years ago by foreign (South Korea, Germany) the introduction of the technology has been gradually domestic, and some companies began to produce the product. The automatic welding device investment, the weight is only about 10kg, with the move to move, just with the T factory existing gas protection welding machine and 220V power supply can be connected to a simple operation (Figure 1). Low operating threshold, the workers only need a little welding foundation, a simple training can be posts after the operation. All-position automatic welding car has two kinds of walking way, one is walking along the dedicated track, the track by a special magnet or sucker adsorption in the welding "[pieces, the use of rack and pinion drive. The track has two kinds of rigid track and flexible track, rigid track straight line, to achieve straight or vertical weld automatic welding; flexible track can be welded with the workpiece weld to achieve automatic welding of the ring weld. The other is the use of magnetic wheel walking mechanism, the car by the magnetic wheel adsorption on the surface of the workpiece, with the guide wheel positioning, walking along the weld, you can achieve straight and curve automatic welding. All-position automatic welding trolley is generally equipped with one or two welding gun clamping device, used to hold the ordinary gas welding machine welding torch. The torch clamping device is equipped with a dedicated linear reciprocating swing device to digitally adjust the swing amplitude, the center position of the movement, the left stop time, the right stop time and the swing speed, and has the function of stopping the welding when the welding gun automatically stops at the center The The welding process is stable, the defects are small, the surface of the weld is clean and the welding quality is improved. During the welding process, the welding wire can be fed continuously and the welding speed is continuous. The welding process is stable and the welding surface is clean and the welding quality is improved. Fast, reducing the welder for the electrode or change the posture or rest time, greatly improving the productivity; can be a one-time long-distance welding, welding process splash small, less smoke, one person can operate two devices, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

2. Application in the manufacture of cement machinery

Cement machinery manufacturing enterprises of the welding parts of the production workshop widespread smoke, dust, noise and other serious pollution. Manual welding of the welder long a posture, easy to cause welding quality is unstable, low efficiency, and easy to form an occupational disease. The use of all-position automatic welding trolley instead of manual welding, can improve the working conditions of workers, reduce labor intensity, effectively prevent the occurrence of welders occupational diseases. Ordinary workers can be trained by simple training, and can operate more than one machine, improve productivity, thereby reducing the labor costs, but also reduce the dependence on welding for senior welders, economic and social benefits significantly. Cement machinery products are relatively large, especially the diameter of the components from a few meters to ten meters away from the length of up to a few tens of meters, subject to transport conditions, most of the manufacturers in accordance with the disintegration program sub-manufacturing, and then To the project site as a whole group of welding forming. Therefore, in the cement plant construction process, the installation site welding is very large. The installation site is more outdoor operations, operating environment is poor, the scene using a full range of automatic welding car welding a lot of splicing weld is more advantages. Welding quality can be effectively protected, reduce the welding rework, improve a pass rate, effectively shorten the site construction period; for high-altitude welding operations, should try to avoid manual welding, reduce safety measures investment, reduce the risk of accidents. Cement machinery after-sales service will often encounter welding operations, and all-position welding car easy to carry, in the project site only with a common gas protection welding machine, an ordinary worker can solve the high quality requirements of the welding.

3. Conclusion

All-position welding trolley adopts automatic welding technology, which effectively improves the quality of weld forming. At present, most of the cement machinery manufacturing enterprises in the industry to do high-end market, the owners of the product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, so the cement machinery manufacturing enterprises using all-position automatic welding car in welding operations is undoubtedly a wise choice.