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Application of Cartridge Dust Collector in Smoke Control of CNC Plasma Cutting

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the level of China's manufacturing industry, CNC plasma cutting machine in the industrial enterprises have been widely used to improve China's machinery manufacturing industry as a whole. As a result of CNC plasma cutting machine in the course of the use of a large number of smoke and dust, filled the entire manufacturing plant, not only endangering the health of employees, but also to the atmosphere pollution, so more and more enterprises attention and attention to modern industrial dust and dust governance .

1. Dust and Hazard Caused by Workshop of Modern Industrial

Welding equipment used in industrial production workshop, such as welding arc welding, CO, gas protection welding machine, argon arc welding machine, submerged arc welding machine and other welding equipment will produce a lot of welding dust; in the metal cutting process due to machining accuracy The need for some companies will use CNC plasma cutting machine in the plasma cutting process due to metal melting and high-speed gas collision moment produce a lot of dust; in the metal grinding process, will produce a lot of metal dust. Metal in the welding, grinding and cutting process will produce a variety of harmful gases and soot, these harmful gases and dust is characterized by very small particle size, 0.5 "m below about 70%, 0.5 um more than about 30% , The ability to suspend these harmful gases and soot on the human body can be summarized into three aspects: ① damage to the human central nervous system. ② damage to human organs. ③ damage to human skin and respiratory tract. Operators welding lh is equivalent to Smoking 58 boxes of 20 cigarettes harm. Scientific research and health inquiries show that: there are many cutting dust inhalable substances (such as manganese oxide and potassium, sodium oxide, etc.), once these substances into the human body, will cause the human body is very A long time in the portable CNC cutting machine dust in the case of cutting operation staff suffering from chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases was significantly higher than the proportion of other people, but also inhalable substances will accumulate in the body's bones and blood , Leading to decreased immunity, and even induced cancer, especially in recent years with a lot of Cr, Mn, Ni and other chemical composition of the cutting material used to cut the dust on the health of workers increasingly serious impact.Light gantry plasma cutting produced Of the dust filled the entire workshop as shown in Figure 1.


                                                                                                Figure 1 light gantry plasma cutting generated in the dust

This shows that the dangers of these dust is great, we must take effective management methods to improve the working environment of workers, control of atmospheric pollution.

2. The Main Way of Dust Control in CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

As the plasma in the cutting process will produce a large number of harmful toxic gases, the current domestic enterprises are mostly using wet dust removal method and dry method. (1) wet dust removal method using wet dust, the domestic practice is usually in the CNC plasma cutting before the production of a water-cutting platform, the cutting material placed in the water tank or water for cutting, wet cutting platform with a sink, such as Figure 2 shows. If the cutting material placed on the top of the tank, the cutting process will significantly reduce soot generated, but due to the impact of compressed air, there are still some dust overflow, treatment is not very satisfactory; If the cutting material placed in the sink below, plasma Cutting torch to cut materials in the water, this approach can eliminate the harmful toxic gases on the operator and plant environment hazards, but will affect the cutting efficiency, cutting speed, loading and unloading auxiliary time will be lengthened. For cutting aluminum and magnesium and other metal materials also need explosion-proof, anti-workpiece position, more importantly, will also produce water pollution. As the cutting of the chemical composition of smoke and dust complex, so it is very difficult to manage, the cost is very high.


                                                                                                    Figure 2 wet cutting platform with a sink

(2) Dry-type dust removal method Dry-type dust removal method is to increase the platform for a set of smoke cutting device to capture the smoke directly transported to the dust filtration and purification equipment, after treatment compliance after discharge. The dust produced by plasma cutting is basically formed under the cut of the workpiece, so the suction negative pressure cutting platform becomes the most common flue gas capture device. In order to save the investment and improve the efficiency of ventilation, with the minimum air volume to achieve the maximum amount of smoke collected, is generally only in the cutting area for cleaning, so cutting platform along the cutting machine main rail direction will be divided into several uniform Of the closed small area, next to the open air outlet. As a result of dry dust structure is simple, reliable, good dust removal effect is widely used. The single-side down-exhaust cartridge type dry dust removal is shown in Fig3.

                                                                                            Figure 3 single-side F-exhausted cartridge dry dust