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Application of Automatic Welding Car in Shipbuilding Industry

I. Overview

Welding as a special mode of operation, its harsh operating environment and high skill requirements, resulting in its employees have been short of high-skilled operators is "a carpets hard to find." In recent years due to the development of the industry and the domestic labor shortage of the environment, further exacerbated its employment gap, so the automation of welding operations is imperative. As a professional manufacturer of automatic welding equipment, we believe that based on the particularity of welding operations, welding automation is a system of technical services engineering. On the basis of modularity of equipment function, according to the actual needs of users of functional modules, and then design the "private custom" service, is the only way for future development. This article to my company in the shipbuilding industry, a typical application case to briefly introduce the company's automation services.

II.The typical application case down

1. The customer requests a shipyard to make the following requirements for our automatic welding equipment according to its actual station requirements: (1) A machine can be used for flat, vertical and horizontal welds, Of welding.

(2) Convenient equipment to reduce wiring, easy to carry handling. (3) simple operation Common parameters are easy to operate and with remote control function, easy remote control. (4) efficiency of the quality of automatic welding compared to hand-welding work efficiency increased by 3 times to reduce the cost of welding grinding process, welding a forming rate was significantly improved. (5) Weakening welder skills Operators only need simple job training and equipment training, without being limited to Class I, Class II welders professional qualification requirements. (6) life of the machine up to 4,000 h a year of life (except for spare parts). (7) Economic machine cost control is within its acceptable range.

2. Customer requirements analysis and implementation

According to customer requirements and our site investigation of the shipyard site, made the following improvements: (1) a machine to achieve a multi-purpose customer requirements, the need for equipment, self-weight, adsorption and profiling capacity for the corresponding design improvements. First, the equipment walking module was redesigned to reduce the weight. ① body material for the die-casting aluminum alloy, the structure of the use of thin-walled rib design, mold production, lightweight and durable. ⑦ car body center of gravity to re-optimize the layout, reduce the external torque. Second, the adsorption device uses a permanent magnet adsorption method. ① use high-performance permanent magnetic materials. ② the use of soft magnetic yoke, the high-performance magnet work in the maximum magnetic energy product operating point, reduce the adsorption device at the same time greatly enhance the weight of the device adsorption. Third, the use of guided wheel combined with soft, hard track integrated profile. So that equipment can be well adapted to the straight and with the curvature of the weld. Specific welding to achieve as shown in Figure 1 Figure 3 shows. (2) the service life of the whole machine 4 000h The maximum impact on the life of the module is the welding of the swing, and our company's conventional swing function modules are: ① based on the brush motor welding switch. It is characterized by simple control lines, cheap, but the existence of low control accuracy and short life, rated life of only 2 000 h, during the need to replace the swing motor to extend the service life. ② BLDC motor based on the welding oscillator. It is characterized by complex control lines, high control accuracy, long service life (theoretical life of up to 10 000 h or more), but it can not achieve the absolute coordinates of motion control. ③ based on the servo motor welding switch. It is characterized by the use. But the existence of high prices, control the complexity of the shortcomings of the line. Considering the quality of efficiency and weakening the requirements of welder skills, and in this case do not need to exercise the absolute coordinates control, decided to use based on B LDC motor pendulum welding oscillator module.

(3) Convenience For the customer's portable requirements, we mainly take the following two aspects of design improvements: First, change the power supply design. Select the battery for the power supply, the power circuit using off-line converter for constant voltage compensation, to achieve a single battery using the actual use of a day effect, greatly simplifying the equipment wiring and equipment on the external power supply dependence. Second, use a separate line-controlled torch. The torch line is directly connected to the control and simplifies the wiring of the welding control circuit. The use of the above measures to achieve the equipment without any additional wiring can be achieved with the welding tribal arrow joint f1 :, memory (4) simple operation due to customer welding operation process to swing time, starting time, swing speed, swing Angle, walking speed and swing center to adjust separately, so in my company five parameters control box module hardware based on the re-software development, to achieve the above parameters of the adjustment function separation. Through the above measures, suitable for the use of the site of the shipyard equipment will be integrated design completed. After the design of the program is completed, we work with the shipyard to carry out equipment commissioning and the necessary secondary optimization and achieved good practical use, has been affirmed by the customer. Taking into account the equipment industry versatility, with the consent of the customer under the premise we will shape the device HCD500-6 (see Figure 4). At the 19th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition, the device attracted a lot of viewers and our technical staff to discuss.


As a professional automatic welding equipment service providers, we believe that the industrialization of the welding function module manufacturing with "due to the system should be" professional integration design, in order to better serve customers. In order to better serve the welding market, we will regularly show the company's latest research and development results, hoping for China's welding automation development to make their own contribution, in order to encourage each other!