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  • it will cause a lot of rework, waste of labor, waste materials; thin bulkhead deformation is also large, firework correction workload. This also increases the cost. Another method is the use of professional angle welding equipment. This method is fast, high efficiency; forming good, repair less; but the equipment is more expensive, equipment operation on the workers demanding, such as equipment damage repair more trouble, the high cost. Generally only in the demanding use of steel welding, the hull sub-production used, it is not worth. The pursuit o

  • Machine mainly by the welding car, solder tray, electric control box, wire tray, welding power supply and cylinder transfer tire composed of six parts. The working principle of submerged arc automatic welding machine for inner ring welding of boiler is shown in Fig.1. Welding car is the core part of the welding power supply, simplified tire and wire to send conventional equipment.

  • This article researched vertical fillet once forming welding technology,which including:a set of automatic control system which matching moltenpoor'rise velocity and the upward travel speed of welding tractor;fits for fillet weld and special water-cooled shde block sharped in forced cooling of weld;a set of reconditioner,which can adjust angle for welding fun and water-cooled shde block at horizontal plane.Wiht the help of electrogas welding technology。the vertical fillet once forming welding technology filled the
    gap in welding field.

  • The welding process is stable and the welding surface is clean and the welding quality is improved. Fast, reducing the welder for the electrode or change the posture or rest time, greatly improving the productivity; can be a one-time long-distance welding, welding process splash small, less smoke, one person can operate two devices, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

  • In the steel structure project is usually encountered H-shaped flange plate wide and smaller cross-section, door submerged arc welding arm and H-shaped steel wing
    Edge plate interference, the door submerged arc welding can not be normal welding; or the case of small cross-section can not normally use the door-type double wire submerged arc welding and other issues.
    In view of the above two types of components encountered in the welding problems, I have practical experience in the original gas shielded welding equipment to change

  • Welding as a special mode of operation, its harsh operating environment and high skill requirements, resulting in its employees have been short of high-skilled operators is "a carpets hard to find." In recent years due to the development of the industry and the domestic labor shortage of the environment, further exacerbated its employment gap, so the automation of welding operations is imperative. As a professional manufacturer of automatic welding equipment, we believe that based on the particularity of welding operations, welding a

  • Digital signal processing has great advantages over analog signal processing, and it is characterized by high precision, high flexibility, good reliability and easy dog scale integration. therefore. Digital signal processing technology in the communications, voice processing, graphics / image processing, automatic control, consumer electronics and many other areas have been widely used. As a digital signal processing technology and arc welding process of the product, the emergence of digital welding machine has aroused widespread concern in the indust

  • In the multi-high-rise steel frame, the typical rigid-coupled beam-column type is the beam flange and the column butt welding, and the beam web and the column are connected with high strength bolts. In the 1994 Northridge earthquake and the 1995 Kobe earthquake, steel structures with such nodes did not collide, but there were many serious cases at the node site, although the nodes had good seismic performance in the past.

  • Since the invention of arc welding in 1881, with the mechanical, electrical, materials and other industries, welding technology has become one of the most important metal thermal processing technology. From the production of daily necessities to the manufacture of cutting-edge technology products are inseparable from the welding technology, modern production practice on the welding technology to further improve efficiency, optimize the quality and improve the working conditions and other requirements, welding automation is the welding workers to comply

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