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  • CNC pipeline intersection Cutting Machine is to use digital program-driven movement, with the movement of the machine, with a random distribution of the cutting tool to cut the pipe. CNC pipeline intersection Cutting including machinery, energy and media supply electrical, instrumentation and control, as a system supporting electromechanical integration equipment, pipeline processing center in order to solve the cutting and assembly pipeline, improve the production quality of the tube, the pipe by processing equipment.

  • The difference of Milling Machine and Bevelling machine

  • Classification of beveling machine

  • XG-630 NC intersection Cutting machine by the power rotary head, cutting head and the control system and mobile racks and other components. By moving the rack so that the running rail and the rail bracket to maintain a balance, and thus increase the precision cutting machine. Power rotary head is rotated by the workpiece chuck. Cutting head with a cutting tip, and is equipped with automatic ignition device for cutting pipe, it can axial and radial movement. Through the above control system axis coordinated motion, and ultimately the steel tubula

  • The CNC pipe tube intersection cutting machine applications and improvements in steel construction of offshore

  • CNC plasma cutting process for middle thick plate of aluminum alloy

  • In modern large-scale steel plant, whether it is heavy steel, light steel structure, or in buildings, equipment, ships, and other different steel industry, cutting material in the production chain are the first channel key manufacturing processes, "cutting and welding" Su Iron and steel tailor said, which mainly refers to the application of the wide range of large thermal cutting. Thermal cutting began in the beginning of the last century, acetylene gas cutting by hand in France, then in the world wide popularity of long-term follo

  • Cutting quality control plasma cutting machine, mainly refers to the inclination of the cutting surface finish. This paper describes the cutting speed, working pressure
    Relationship between cutting quality. CNC cutting machine according to the characteristics, combined with experimental data were analyzed and summarized, reached a different power cutting different thickness steel
    Optimum cutting parameters plate. To provide reference for improving cut quality CNC plasma cutting machine.

  • aiming at the reason that cutting piece comes into being distorted about the CNC plasma cutting machine,the analysistowards the distortion of cutting piece in this paper.according to the characteristic of CNC plasma cutting machine,it could improvethe process guality of cutting piece in effect for choosing proper technics,for example,cutting section point,aspect,seguence,speedetal during the period of processing,and elaborating towards the distortion control of single side piece, slightness piece,profiled pieceand particularity piece at th

  • In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the level of China's manufacturing industry, CNC plasma cutting machine in the industrial enterprises have been widely used to improve China's machinery manufacturing industry as a whole. As a result of CNC plasma cutting machine in the course of the use of a large number of smoke and dust, filled the entire manufacturing plant, not only endangering the health of employees, but also to the atmosphere pollution, so more and more enterprises attention and attention to modern industrial dust and

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