• Digital signal processing has great advantages over analog signal processing, and it is characterized by high precision, high flexibility, good reliability and easy dog scale integration. therefore. Digital signal processing technology in the communications, voice processing, graphics / image processing, automatic control, consumer electronics and many other areas have been widely used. As a digital signal processing technology and arc welding process of the product, the emergence of digital welding machine has aroused widespread concern in the indust

  • In the multi-high-rise steel frame, the typical rigid-coupled beam-column type is the beam flange and the column butt welding, and the beam web and the column are connected with high strength bolts. In the 1994 Northridge earthquake and the 1995 Kobe earthquake, steel structures with such nodes did not collide, but there were many serious cases at the node site, although the nodes had good seismic performance in the past.

  • Since the invention of arc welding in 1881, with the mechanical, electrical, materials and other industries, welding technology has become one of the most important metal thermal processing technology. From the production of daily necessities to the manufacture of cutting-edge technology products are inseparable from the welding technology, modern production practice on the welding technology to further improve efficiency, optimize the quality and improve the working conditions and other requirements, welding automation is the welding workers to comply

  • It is generally believed that the waveform-bound region is the ideal binding region. For the formation mechanism of interface wave, a series of studies have been carried out both at home and abroad. There are many mechanisms such as complex flow mechanism, vortex mechanism, Helmholtz instability mechanism and stress wave mechanism. At present, Israel's researchers Ben-Artzy and Stem through systematic research that: magnetic pulse welding interface is due to the stress wave caused by the loss of Helmholtz instability [3] caused. In this study,

  • Surfacing technology in China's nearly 50 years of development process for the rise and development of basic industries has made important contributions to its application throughout the mechanical energy transportation and metallurgical industries and other fields are only the iron and steel industry in the field of various types of energy field of the valve traffic The locomotive and the car engine friction parts as an example to describe the application of surfacing technology.

  • China's industrial robot after 20 years of development has been in the industrialization of the road on the pace. In recent years, China's industrial robots and industrial robots with automated production lines and projects, related products with an annual output of nearly 300 million yuan. National "eight six three" high-tech plan has been Shenyang Xin Song Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Harbin Bo real automation equipment limited liability company, FAW Group Painting Technology Development Center, the State Adminis

  • Big project was perfectly done at this month. 6 axis Pipe CNC plasma cutting machine match with FANUC welding robot on removable gantry. We make all the welding and cutting process much more simply and efficient. The more machine from us please check

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