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The shipbuilding industry includes building aircraft carriers, luxurious cruise ships, large-size cargo ships and large-size fishing vessels etc. Because of high cost of ship and high requirements on safety, the relevant companies have very strict requirements on purchasing the processing equipment. As the supplier of main shipbuilding companies (Jiangnan Shipyard, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group, etc.) at home and abroad, the produces from Huawei Welding and Cutting are widely praised. At the same time, we also uniquely design welding and cutting solutions for some special ships so as to satisfy different customers’ demands. In addition, besides ensuring the quality, our equipment also have the unparallel price competitive advantages than internal brands, e.g., besides lower price, our HK-72T cutting machine which is widely used in the shipbuilding industry also has the additional function of finely tuning the direction. Huawei Welding and Cutting always propels the development of the shipbuilding industry with its stable quality and innovative spirits.